The Truth About Freshman Friday

Logo Template - Logo_33Hey guys! Its Candice here, and today I want to talk about Freshman Friday! This post is called ‘The Truth About Freshman Friday’ but if you want you can also check out ‘How 2 Survive Freshman Friday’

Now being from Australia there is no Freshman Friday, so I I had to interview my hubby who’s from New Jersey. Below is the interview with some tips. Enjoy!

C: OK Marcos, today I want to talk about Freshman Friday. First of all, what is it?

M: Yeah…its sort of a big myth really, though it does happen in some schools its not really that bad. It’s meant to be this day where the seniors and juniors play pranks on the freshmen and stuff. You know like stuff em in lockers, push em down the stairs, steal their book bags etc…but like I said its pretty rare.

C: So did you ever go through it?

M: No not really. I remember as a junior I still looked really young though and two guys tried to jump me on Freshman Friday because they thought I was a freshman, but nothing came of it. I have heard stories about it happening though and most of the time it happens to freshman who try to act up.

C: So what advice would you give to a freshman just going into HS that may be worried about Freshman Friday or just that whole first year period?

M: Good luck

C: Seriously…

M: Ok fine, lol. First thing I would say is  if you are going to stand out make a good impression. If you are not going to make a good impression then try not to stand out. Those that stand out in a bad way are usually the targets for pranks and stuff. Everything else is pretty much common sense. Now like I said its not that big a deal, but if you are really worried about the big FF then don’t wander around alone, go home when everyone else does so that you are surrounded by ppl, hang around with friends etc…but trust me, you’ll be OK.

C: Anything else?

M: Well I think if they read the blogs you’ve posted here they will learn tons of tips for just about everything in HS whether they are freshmen or not. Things like joining after school clubs or sports to make friends or being kind to ppl are always a plus.

C: Is there anything else you want to say to the HS students today?

M: I just want to remind them that HS can be the most awesome time of their lives if they allow it to be. It can also be the worst. So the choice is theirs, Awesome Time or Crappy Time. Choose wisely. Also remember that even if you do everything right you still might not end up with what you want. That’s OK. We don’t always get what we want but don’t let it discourage you or make you turn your back on good things. People who succeed in life are people who fail and learn from their failures. People who don’t succeed are people who are too afraid to fail and when they do, they give up. So get out there, do your best, fail a couple hundred times and keep on going.


So there you have it guys! Seems to me like Freshman Friday really is not as bad as some ppl make it sound, but hey there are tons of high schools and I’m sure one of them is bound to have a Freshman Friday feared by all freshmen. If your Highschool is one of these then you need to checkout ‘How 2 Survive Freshman Friday’ just click here!

So anyways, I hope this post helped! Dont forget to leave me some comments and let me know what it is you want me to talk about! This blog is for you guys, not for me. So feel free to REQUEST A TOPIC.

Ps. Dont forget to check out ‘How to Survive High School’ which is full of tons of tips and advice to help make your HS experience a total blast! Just click here.

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